Map - Boundaries

Fallstaff Neighborhood Boundary Map

As per the association bylaws, the boundaries run as follows:

The boundaries of the Fallstaff Association shall run from Clarks Lane, north to the city line, paralleling Park Heights Avenue, and shall encompass only those residences on the western side of the street. The boundary will then follow the city line south, across Reisterstown Road to the Western Maryland railroad tracks, and then paralleling the railroad tracks southwest to Patterson Avenue. The boundary will then parallel Patterson Avenue to Reisterstown Road and when it reaches Reisterstown Road, will turn northwest until Clarks Lane, The boundary shall encompass the side of the street on which Reisterstown Read Plaza is located. When the boundary reaches Clarks Lane, it shall turn northeast on Clarks Lane until it reaches Park Heights Avenue. Only the northern side of Clarks Lane shall be included in the boundaries of this Association.